Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney San Diego

Cars in general can be pretty expensive. There is the purchase price of the car, and then there is all that maintenance to keep it going well. Odds are you bought a new car to keep the initial costs low.  You didn’t want to have to worry about any of the issues and mechanical problems that come with an older car. Well if your new car is still having issues, it might be a lemon. When you are looking for some legal assistance contact Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP a consumer’s rights law firm in San Diego. If you have to keep taking in your brand new car to the shop, you really should look into calling a lawyer. Your San Diego lawyer can be the one to help you determine if you do have a lemon on your hands. You will want to keep record of all the times you have taken your car in, what the issue was, and what was done to your car. All of this will be used in your case.


In order to use a San Diego lemon law attorney, you had to purchase your car or lease your car in the state of California. You can’t have purchased a car from Idaho, and driven it back to where you live, you would then need to seek legal guidance in that state. If you believe you have a lemon law case, it is best to contact Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP a San Diego consumer’s rights law firm. It is important to tell your lawyer everything so they can help you figure out how to handle this lemon law case. Getting a lemon is no fun, and it can be costly. Hiring a lawyer can help you get the money to recoup those costs.

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