Child Custody Attorney in Los Angeles

People can have children whether they are married or not. They can have children out of wedlock, and have great relationships just like in a marriage. On the other hand, there are people in both situations with children and the relationship just does not end up working out and split has to happen. A break up or divorce is not a clean one with children involved, because you still need to think about the children. A Los Angeles child custody attorney understands this that most parents want to see their children. They want to spend the most time with them, make the decisions that shape their life, and just be a part of their lives. They also understand that sometimes the other parent tries to prevent the other parent from seeing their child.

Having a Los Angeles Family lawyer is the best thing you can do for this situation. You need to have a legal agreement spelling out that you deserve to see your child and how often. It is very rare that sole custody is given unless one parent just gives up their parental rights. Otherwise there tends to be a split custody deal. It can be a long process and every child custody case is different. Land Legal Group, APC are a Los Angeles base family law firm that will help you get custody of your child.

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