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Traffic accidents involving personal injury have a high potential for damage. The person causing the accident is obliged to compensate the injured person for the cost of the treatment and the loss of earnings incurred during this time. If a fault is to be proved, a claim for damages is also possible. In order to assess your situation appropriately, I stand, lawyer for Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman, you as a Portland accident law firm, gladly available. In order to get an impression of the damage potential, the significant loss positions are shown below. Treatment costs, treatment obligation  in Portland.


The injured party is entitled to compensation for his healing costs. This may include a spa stay. The injured party has the obligation to contribute to damage reduction. Therefore, he is obliged to seek medical treatment and to follow medical instructions. As far as an operation is promising, he must tolerate such. Purchase obligation The injured party is entitled to compensation for loss of earnings. Hire a Portland Accident Attorney.


Within the scope of reasonableness, he must use the remaining manpower to keep his loss of earnings low. The injured party may have to take part in a retraining measure if it gives reason for the prospect of being able to make good use of his or her remaining workforce. Housewife damage If the injured party is impaired in the ability to do housework, the damage must be calculated on the basis of the notional costs of an assistant.

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