Working With An Experienced Expungement Attorney

If you have not heard about expungement, this is a process that can help you to remove a negative charge from your permanent record. With so much information becoming public knowledge, it can be hard to keep your record a secret. A past charge can creep up at any time and interfere with your life. An expungement attorney from Kestenbaum Law Group, a criminal defense law firm in the Los Angeles area, can help you to complete the expungement process and help you to remove a charge that can linger in your life.

The laws of expungement will vary depending on where the charge was. If you have completed all of the stipulations of this charge, this will help you to be eligible for expungement. If you have unpaid fines or other outstanding things that need to be completed, you should do this before you proceed with the expungement process.

You should find out how old a charge needs to be where you live to be eligible for expungement. There may be some time limits, and you have to wait until a charge is old enough to proceed with the expungement process. If you find out how long this waiting period is, it can help you to plan for this for the future.

Some charges do not qualify, and if you have a violent charge on your record, this is a charge that may not be eligible for expungement at all. You want to look at your past charges, and when you know the laws where you live, you can determine if your charge may qualify for this process.

Working with the right expungement attorney Kestenbaum Law Group can help you to remove negative information from your record. In an age of technology, anyone can find out about a past charge, and this may be information that you do not want others to view.