Drug Crimes in Los Angeles, CA

Drug crimes in Los Angeles, CA entail the possession, selling, transportation, producing, transportation for sale of an outlaw drug trafficking, narcotic, money laundering and distribution. The conviction penalties of drug crimes in Los Angeles, CA varies while the prosecutor file charges is based on the drug type, quantity, whether the drug is for sale or personal use and the past criminal record of the criminal. If a person is convicted of a particular crime, drug crimes in Los Angeles is used to enable the future sentencing of the person. For instance, the law enforcement will charge the person that is in possession for personal use for possession for sale. This is the reason why you will need to hire a criminal defense such as Kestenbaum Law Group to handle these types of cases. In most cases, Kestenbaum could have the possession charges thrown out absolutely due to unfair practices by the law enforcement while in other cases, some of the serious drug cases that could lead to prison life sentence could be plead down to just simple possession charges. By this, such person could be eligible diversion program of drug and counseling instead of being jailed. For more detail about Kestenbaum Law Group, visit http://kestenbaumlawgroup.com